The Big Story

Four days into the 2016 season, and the biggest story so far involves a player named Story, Trevor Story, the rookie SS for the Colorado Rockies.  He’s homered in all three games he’s played in so far, including two on opening day.  Undrafted in my league, I quickly picked him up after that two HR performance, but did not move him into an active slot until Wednesday.  Here’s an update of my weekly matchup and acquisitions so far.  Our league has a maximum 8 transactions per week:

As of games played Wednesday, April 6:

Leading 191.50 to 116.33 (Top scorer in league)

  1. Add Michael Conforto, OF, NYM for Matt Holliday
  2.  Add Trevor Story, SS, COL, for Jason Hammel
  3. Add Juan Nicasio, SP, PIT, for Dellin Betances

As far as the transactions- Obviously I can’t make up my mind on Michael Conforto.  After his strong outing on Sunday, I felt he had too much upside to stay on the FA wire, so I figured Holliday would probably not catch much interest from the other owners.  After Story’s 2-HR performance, I figured he’d be jumped on quick, so I had to drop someone off of my bench (any player in an active slot cannot be dropped until the new day starts, and I didn’t want to risk waiting that long.). Hammel is good enough to be on a team, but I can afford to let him sit out there on FA with my SP depth.  I obviously had a quick change of heart on Betances after his dismal outing on Tuesday (-.17 points), and decided to use his disposal to finally start streaming SP’s.  I made a good choice for my first streamer in Nicasio (14.50 points).

With FA acquisitions early on, I’m mainly looking to roster players that are off to extremely  hot starts.  Some may fizzle out significantly as the season progresses, but some will be in line for strong seasons.  Story and Nicasio are both players that I will hold onto for a bit based on their strong starts, just in case this is a sign of continued high-level performance.  Conforto would be the next guy in line for a drop for a pitcher stream, but I’m not going to do that right away.  I can tell my current opponent has little chance of catching up to me, so there is no need for me to stream pitchers for the next couple of days.  On Friday I have my two-start guys Santana and Tillman going (both looked good on Monday but had outings cut short due to a long rain delay).  After Friday they’lol both be dropped for two-start guys for the following week.  This is how full season head-to-head usually goes- in weeks where you are far ahead, you can acquire pitchers in advance for your next week’s matchup.  On weeks where you have a tightly competitive match, you likely have to use all 8 acquisitions for current week games.

While he hasn’t even pitched yet, I’m tempted to drop Rondon as well.  It’s obvious to me that relievers are once again pretty useless in this league.  I feel I’m better off using his roster slot to try to snatch a strong hitter or SP.

My top batter performers so far are Puig (21.5), Santana (14), and Kinsler (13). Top pitchers are Kershaw (18.5), Archer (16.5), and Nicasio (14.5).

So far, so good…..

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